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Our Team

Marie-Therese Junkerre

Marie-Therese is a formidable Director who has a vision to provide bespoke domiciliary, residential and specialist care services to Dominica’s Senior, Disabled or Immobile Citizens.  

She has extensive business management experience gained over the many years she worked as a lawyer and practice director in the UK and this puts her in an excellent position,  working closely the Management Team and staff at PHARCS, take the business' vision forward through careful but dynamic management and service provision.  

Marie-Therese Junkerre, has her heart and roots in Dominica. She attended Convent Prep and St Martin School. She left the Island for some years and returned for a few years during which time she taught Secretarial Studies at the Stock Farm Technical College.

She studied to be a lawyer and practised in the UK for many years, specialising in Family and housing law.   She has always cared deeply about the disadvantaged and elderly and has helped many families in the UK obtain housing and other social services by way of legal challenges (judicial reviews). She earned herself an excellent reputation as a formidable lawyer who always fought hard for her clients.  

Marie-Therese also managed three medium-sized law firms in the UK and has extensive managerial and HR experience.  

Most recently she is been directly involved in caring for several of her elderly relatives, including her late elderly aunt aged 81, whom she nursed through cancer for a period of almost 5 years.  She is currently caring for her 94-year old grand-mother, her 78-year old aunt who has a heart condition and suffers with high blood pressure and diabetes as well as her 73-year old uncle who is blind and has recently been diagnosed with prostrate cancer.  She provides care to each of them.  She is confident that she is well placed and understands the care needs of the elderly or sick or vulnerable, having acquired hands-on experience of dealing with such individuals on a day-to-day basis in the UK and also dealing with her own frail and seriously ill relatives.  

Marie-Therese is giving 100% of her time to the project to ensure its success and is known to attend personally and assist with the care of clients, including dealing with personal hygiene and even assisting our nurses.

She recently arranged for one of our clients, who expressed the wish to eat Chinese food, to have a feast delivered to him to fulfil his desire.

Ruth Josette Alfred (known to many as Rosette)

Ruth has had extensive experience gained over many years of dealing with elderly patients in a residential home environment as well as at home.  She has a kind, patient and caring attitude which allows her to quickly earn the trust and respect of the people she cares for.  She is well respected by staff and clients alike, who will feel able to raise any issues with her directly and be confident that it will be acted upon.  Ruth is also in charge of catering - another of her passions. Ruth has her Food Handler's certificate.

Delia Edwards.

Delia has many years of direct hands-on experience of dealing with elderly, vulnerable, mentally unwell and physically challenged individuals in her role as a Ward Aid at the Princess Margaret Hospital where she has worked for many years.  In addition Delia has an excellent reputation for assisting those who need it in their homes and has cared for many individuals on the Island including providing respite care.  She is an excellent communicator and has an gift for being able to action matters quickly and efficiently.  Delia also carries out non-clinical work such as daily assistance to residents and day users, is responsible for ensuring that infection control is adhered to strictly in accordance with the company’s infection control policy, a copy of which is made available to our users or their loved ones upon request.

John Joseph  

John is an amazing individual who has a special affinity with the elderly.  He has been involved in helping to care for many elderly people over a number of years and in currently assisting a family with their 94-year old grand-mother who has adopted him as her son.  John (also fondly called 'Linus") is an amazing maintenance handy man and can turn his hand to the simplest or most complex task e.g.. unblocking a drain to plastering a wall or installing a door or window.

The Team is supported by licensed doctors and registered nurses as well as trained carers as well as a Nutritionist, to provide advice on our individual client’s dietary needs and advise the catering team.