Elderly care services tailored to individual needs

Premium Home & Residential Care Services

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Residential and Home Care Services for the elderly

Professional, Friendly and Affordable Services to Help You Remain Independent

Do you need help at home? Do you know of a friend or relative who might need help at home? 

At Premium Home & Residential Care Services, we are adult care service providers who offer a unique combination of first-class home care and residential care services. Our only objective is to fully support our service users and where possible, help them to remain independent. We achieve this by providing a friendly, professional and affordable service across all levels – whether at home or in residential care.

Dementia Care
Alzheimers Care
24-hour care by trained carers

What do we do?

We provide holistic and respectful assisted living and skilled nursing home care to elderly people. 

Some of the services we can assist with at home are daily assistance, cooking, laundry, cleaning, shopping, taking to/from medical appointments with or without assistance, arranging activities in or out of the home such as physiotherapy or massage and/or other activities as you the service user may request.

Our residential/day care facility has been developed to meet both physical and medical needs of our residents. For this reason each resident has his/her own private room with private bathroom/toilet facility which opens out on to a central shared common area containing a living room and dining area where meals are served on our 10 foot-long communal dining table. 

Who can receive help?

  • Carers: relatives or friends who look after someone at home
  • Disabled people

  • Elderly/Retired people

Any adult can ask us for advice and information to help meet their own or loved one's care and support needs. 

What type of help is available?

We will carry out an initial assessment over the phone to discuss your situation and to see what help we can provide. If necessary we may then arrange for a member of staff to visit you in your own home to discuss your situation further. 

We can provide or assist you with:

  • Day care
  • Help after leaving hospital
  • Help with meals

  • Help/support for carers
  • Personal care – assistance in looking after yourself at home

  • Residential care
  • Shopping
  • Supported living schemes

Will I have to pay for services?

Yes. What you pay depends on the service/s that you would like us to provide. We will work closely with you to ensure that you know from the outset what services we can provide and the costs for the same.

How we work with you

We will always treat you with respect and dignity, as well as respond to and respect any cultural, religious and ethnic needs that you may have. We are a friendly and approachable senior care service.

Care and support for adults

If you are a senior looking for a care home, we can help you achieve the outcomes you want in your life. We do this by helping you stay as independent as possible while you are with us. We want you to have more choice and control, to be involved in your community and to improve your health and well-being while doing so. We will ensure, wherever possible, that you are fully involved in the decision-making process at all stages. With us, you'll make a seamless transition into our home care.

Who are we?

We are a dedicated team of individuals with various skills and genuine hands-on experience of caring for the elderly, including cancer patients, palliative care patients and dementia sufferers. We have plenty of nursing experience with our own close relatives and friends and so are able to provide a unique service because we know first-hand how difficult it is to deal with a relative with a serious condition. We know how important it is to provide love, care and support even when the individual is being difficult. We are patient and careful with our seniors. As relatives and friends of the sick, old and infirm ourselves, we are aware of the high standards in care the relatives and friends of the senior would like us to achieve. We are committed to adhering to these high standards in care at all times. This is what makes us unique and sets us apart from other organisations similar to our own.